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MOVIES SPECIALS. // TCM Special. Every month, we present an original cycle that celebrates a genre, a thematic concept or an iconic figure from the movies, through an extraordinary and referential movie selection. Our most important feature of the month. // The Essentials. Movies that have defined the meaning of “classic”. A weekly encounter with the greatest movies of all times, presented by Robert Osborne - historian, expert and movie devotee - and Alec Baldwin – one of the most charismatic actors in Hollywood that, over the last years, has revealed his brilliant comedian side, and now proves to be a movie connoisseur. // TCM Imports. Your passport to the world’s cinema. The satiric English sense of humor, the French existentialism, the Italian costumbrismo, the Asian refinement… the greatest classics from the other side of the ocean now come to TCM. // Vade RetroEvery week, a especial where zombies, aliens, vampires and monsters of all kind invade our screen for the delight of the horror, fantasy and sci-fi movie lovers, with classics and cults. // Anniversary/Tributes. To pay homage to the most celebrated movie icons in their birthday or death anniversary, TCM showcases their most memorable performances. 


SERIESThe series that defined television between the 1950’s and the beginning of the 1990’s. Titles that had record audiences and marked the television course now come back to win new audiences with their stories and characters.


TCM MINISERIES. TCM dedicates a spot to this particular and admired television genre. Beloved and award winning productions that, for their relevancy, have become unforgettable and vital. Enjoy in sequence the episodes that have made us eagerly wait for the next one.


TCM IN CONCERT. An exclusive pass to the best performances, TCM in Concert is the place for the musical events that made history and became classics; the events where the main artists from the 20th century left their marks in the pop culture forever.


DOCUMENTARIES. TCM provides to its audience the opportunity to explore the movie universe with a deep look at the lives and the work of its biggest icons, through unique and exclusive documentaries.

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