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  • Nat Geo Mundo premieres Profecías


    In its new series Profecías, Nat Geo Mundo investigates the ancient Mayan prophecy that new-agers interpret as predicting the end of the world in 2012 and other predictions of supernatural encounters, alien contact and life-altering cataclysms.

    Comprised of five one-hour episodes premiering on Sunday January 1st at 9pm EST/PST and every Sunday at 9pm EST/PST thereafter through January 29th,Profecías explores ancient and modern day Latin American prophets and predictions: from those who argue that the world will end in 2012, to those who believe that an Argentine prophet anticipated the attack on the Twin Towers in the 1930’s, to reports of UFO sightings – a phenomenon the Chilean Air Force regularly investigates – and those who believe in the existence of alternate dimensions.


    Source: Produ


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