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Pay TV offers a context for higher audience engagement with contents, which is always followed by better results for TV commercials.

Media engagement is the combination of a person’s experiences with the content /medium with which he or she relates. Experiences are emotions, thoughts, feelings. In simple terms, engagement indicates the intensity of an individual’s emotional bond with the medium.

Engagement is independent of ratings.

The general consensus, following the results from multiple researches on the subject, is that the greater a person’s engagement with the medium, more receptive he or she will be to commercials and, consequently, more effective that message will be.

In the year 2009, LAMAC introduced the advertising community to the results of a pioneering research in Latin America regarding media engagement, picking up real examples from creative works and the media. This research showed again the existence of a positive correlation between media engagement and advertising effectiveness, and at the same time it also shed light on the experiences that build a person’s engagement with the contents of a channel or TV program.

The new media planning model gives priority to people’s emotional bond with the media, taking engagement as a central concept and walking away from traditional concepts such as ratings, coverage and frequency. Combining information on audience size (indicated by ratings) with that audience bond (indicated by engagement), the obtained outcome is a more effective media mix in terms of results.

 Greater engagement = Greater purchase intention    

Experiences which make up TV engagement 


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