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Tips for a Successful Purchase


Assign pay TV investment according to the behaviour of the specific target of the brand. The guideline should be: investment Share = audience Share.

That is, assigning a percentage of resources according to audience percentage. For example, if 30% of audience of 13-18 affluent  people corresponds to Pay TV (and a 70% to free-to-air TV), assign 30% of total TV budget to pay TV (and  70% to free-to-air TV.)


Analyze consumption potential per product category and the specific target of the brand: MCI.

This is a fundamental aspect in some categories such as airlines, technological products, finantial services, etc.

If the product is aimed at affluent consumers, then Pay TV can become the campaign main medium.

Instead, if the product is of mass consumption, it will work better as a complementary medium to optimize total range and improve the balance result between consumers who own Pay TV and those who don’t (main flaw of the free-to-air TV spots.)


Employ a TV optimizer. It is the only way to objectively compare all purchase possibilities (channels, dayparts and programs) and identify the best mix in terms of range.

 CPR and CPM are not the only relevant variables, it is also necessary to consider the cost by ranging point in absolute terms and relative terms to free-to-air TV by marginal range stretches.

The best results are obtained when the TV optimizer integrates free-to-air TV and pay TV, allowing for work in mixed scenarios.


Buy a minimum of 8 channels for 2 months for the campaign.


Give priority to affinity between target and content of channels/programs.

Engagement promotes spot efficacy in terms of advertising remembrance and purchase intention.

Engagement is independent of rating and range.


Give priority to affinity between brand message and channel/program content.

Congruency promotes guideline efficacy in terms of advertising remembrance and purchase intention. Congruency is independent of rating and range.

This is fundamental when brand and content are integrated.


Exploit multiple platforms in which pay TV contents are distributed to its audience: TV – Internet – Cell phones.

Multiplatform integration promotes spot efficacy in terms of advertising remembrance and purchase intention.


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