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  • LAMAC to boost Latin America's pay-TV industry - (Rapid TV News)

    Published in: Rapid TV News -  Mar 6 2016
    The Latin American Multichannel Advertising Council (LAMAC) is to develop a new strategy across the region, increasing the areas of influence of its three regional offices.
    According to the association, pay-TV is growing solidly across the region, thus opening more opportunities and facing new challenges. “The pay-TV industry grows year-on-year, both in advertising and subscribers. During last year, pay-TV ads sales rocketed by 22% and pay-TV penetration rate neared 60%,” pointed out Gary McBride, president and CEO, LAMAC.

    Although covering the entire region, LAMAC has been focusing on some of the strongest markets, such as Mexico and Colombia. But during 2016, it plans to boost its three regional offices to cover the entire region and meet the demands of cable and satellite operators. 

    Therefore, Fernanda Campos, Mexico's country manager, will co-ordinate activities for Mexico and Central America; Mimi López, Colombia's country manager, will extend LAMAC's reach over the Andean region; and María Paz Figueroa, Chile's country manager, will focus on the Southern Cone.

    “We intend to keep growing at the same pace during 2016, which is why we have redesign our strategy by establishing sub-regional offices,” explained McBride. “We have noticed advertisers are also targeting their campaigns to different sub-regions in Latin America, and we intend to work in a similar way in order to increase effectiveness.”


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