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  • Pay TV Reaches 50% of Latin Americans (Latin Link)


    Impressive surges in individual markets have led to a pay TV penetration rate of 50.9% in Latin America. According to the Latin American Council on Multichannel Advertising (LAMAC), Argentina and Colombia have pay TV penetration rates above 81%. In Brazil, pay TV penetration has grown 118% since 2008—so now 36.1% of Brazilians have access to pay TV. In Chile, the pay TV penetration rate is 63.9%, while in Mexico it’s at 40.5%.

    Brazil’s recent growth in pay TV subscriptions has been particularly impressive. Anatel—the Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações or National Telecommunications Agency—reported recently that 12.2 million households in Brazil had pay TV. With an average of 3.3 people per household, this means there’s a pay TV audience of 40.2 million in Brazil. And despite its relatively low penetration rate, Mexico is also a significant pay TV market: in spring 2011 LAMAC reported that the country had 10.5 million households with pay TV.

    What makes the 50% penetration rate all the more impressive was that an earlier projection by Dataxis indicated that Latin America would reach this by 2015. Instead, LAMAC now forecasts 63% pay TV penetration in Latin America by 2015.


    Source: Latin Link


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