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    Mediacom held a conference to analyze upcoming changes in broadcasting and reception modes in the most influential medium. The focus was on digitization and webcasts.

    The integration between traditional TV and webcasts will demand the development of measurement tools which will take into account both platforms.

    Digitization, webcasting and global convergence where the main topics addressed by Mediacom at an online conference where the TV future related to programming and advertising was discussed.

    One main conclusion is that in spite of its transformations, TV will not lose its place as the most influential medium, and will continue to have a great presence in home entertainment. It will also maintain high rates in global ad investment, as indicated by forecasts presented by Mediacom for the United Kingdom, France, Spain and China, even in the face of economic crisis or budget reduction situations.

    Anyway, they pointed out that there’s still room for improvement. One point to work on concerns measurement systems, as it is deemed necessary to develop tools that will take into account both traditional and digital broadcasting, since global statistics could ease media planning and allow announcers more efficiency.

    On the other hand, online TV development was mentioned, something which is still at its early stages. According to Mediacom, TV stations should consider it as a complement rather than a competitor, as the huge number of available program hours leads viewers to continue with the need of that guide of sorts which conventional signals represent. That’s why it was observed at the conference how important is the task of brand strengthening these stations must constantly perform, something which serves to call audiences to a certain type of programs and create habits.

    One advantage IPTV can offer is allowing announcers a global outreach for their campaigns. That’s a current difficulty with traditional TV, as advertising in that platform is something related to each country, based on laws and norms establishing spot time, ad production and even license prices.

    Lastly, digitization involves a further advantage, given by the possibility for audience segmentation to reach specific niches more efficiently and do so in an interactive way. That’s why the announcer’s task must be to gain a deep knowledge of their digital audiences, being predominantly young people. The Mediacom report also argues how important is to develop campaigns using that platform’s resources, and to take advantage of the possibilities available to create more interactive experiences.


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