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  • Study Singles Out Brazil as the Most Dynamic Pay-TV Market Worldwide


    The Brazilian Pay-TV market has positioned itself as one of the most dynamic and evolved worldwide having an amazing DTH growth, and deep legislative changes which will open their doors to telcos for IPTV services, a new Digital TV Research study reports.

    “Brazil’s economy is growing quickly, giving place to a greater family income and a quickly growing middle class. Most telecommunication companies have set in motion DTH platforms, and will continue with IPTV triple play packages in the near future,” Simon Murray, the report author, said.
    The consulting firm predicts that Pay TV penetration rates will reach 35 percent of TV households in 2016, a double figure compared to that of the end of 2010. This means 22,2 million subscribers compared to 9,77 million at the end of 2010. What is more, restricted TV incomes will total US$6,640 million in 2016, a figure which more than triples that of 2010.
    Brazil is expected to have more than 11,8 million DTH households by 2016, meaning a 18,8 percent penetration rate. This is a double figure compared to the current one, but this growth will lose its strength as telecommunication companies will start stressing IPTV services instead of Satellite-TV. In turn, the IPTV sector will have 2,3 million subscribers in the Brazilian market in 2016 (a 3,6 percent penetration rate in TV households), meaning a US$302 million income.


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