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  • US: Video Apps Increase TV Consumption


    A report published by the CTAM (Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing) from the United States indicates that video app use on smartphones and tablet PCs increases—instead of decreasing—TV viewing.

    According to the CTAM study, 85% of polled smartphone-and-tablet users who view videos right on their mobile devices answer that video apps are good for them as they lead to a higher engagement with related TV shows and are time savers as video apps avoid having to search on the Internet for data they give.

    CTAM’s report, published in Broadcasting & Cable, is equally positive for “Sync-to-TV” apps, which offer additional information and interactive possibilities with related TV shows.

    Those polled add that it is important for apps such as Hulu to have low subscription rates or that they be free, and users say also that they have mainly learned about these apps by word of mouth. They are also more receptive to advertising, mainly on tablets, if that lowers rates or makes the service free.

    The use of these apps does not stop either at home or in cars: 78% of those polled use them at home, and 55% in cars.



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