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  • LAMAC announces departure of President & CEO, Gary McBride


    MIAMI, FL (April 11th 2017) - LAMAC’s Board of Directors (Latin American Multichannel Advertising Council) announced that effective April 30th, Gary McBride will step down as president and CEO of the council. Mr. McBride will return to the private industry as an entrepreneur. 

    Gary McBride, a pioneer for the television industry, with a long career in advertising and Pay TV, was part of LAMAC´s founding group and became its President in 2002.

    For the last 15 years leading LAMAC, Mr. McBride has been a great contributor by creating and transmitting the value and positioning of Pay TV advertising. His continuous efforts and achievements have improved Pay TV measuring metrics throughout Latin America. LAMAC deeply appreciates the work and contribution of Mr. McBride and wishes him continued success in his future projects.

    LAMAC is a non-profit association comprised and financed by 53 Pay TV channels, representing the 7 industry leaders, whose objective is to communicate the value of Pay TV investment in Latin America and to promote the development of measurement resources to allow an accurate evaluation of the media’s effectiveness as an advertising platform. LAMAC's activities have expanded throughout Latin America with emphasis on the main advertising markets of the region: Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Brazil. 

    Enrique Cusco, CEO of OLE Communications said: “I have known Gary since the beginnings of the industry in Latin America and during the 15 years he has been with LAMAC, he has been a bastion in promoting the strategic value of Pay TV advertising and our industry in general. I am very grateful for Gary’s work at LAMAC and I wish him the best on his new endeavors. I am sure his upcoming projects will provide us with new opportunities to collaborate”.

    For Henry Martínez, President and General Director of Discovery Communications, Latin América, U.S. Hispanic Networks and Canada: "Gary has always distinguished himself by being an excellent leader and asset for our industry; a true visionary that has worked hard to ensure the success of Pay TV".

    "I am excited about the future and the opportunities that will come as a result of this change in my professional life” said Gary McBride. "We are living a moment of transformation for the advertising industry and the media in general; adapting to those changes is crucial. I will never be away from the world of television and the advertising industry in Latin America, to which I have dedicated 40 years of my career”.


    1 Alhambra Plaza
    Suite 1460
    Coral Gables
    FL 33134
    (+1) 786 228 72 27


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