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  • Pay TV Will Reach 50% of the Total Television Audience in Mexico within the Next 2 Years

    • 56%¹ of Mexican people already have access to Pay TV

    • LAMAC estimates that by 2018 50% of the audience will belong to Pay TV

    Miami, (July 6) - The growth of Pay TV in Mexico continues to break expectations. According to the latest Nielsen-IBOPE universe update, Pay TV is now reaching 56% of Mexican people. 

    In the words of Gary McBride, President and CEO of the Latin American Multichannel Advertising Council (LAMAC), “we’re not surprised by the growth evolution of Pay TV. Our industry has been strongly winning a place in the preference of the Mexican consumer and this trend will keep intensifying in the coming years. Soon will be talking about Mexico as a mature market for the Pay TV industry”. 

    According to an analysis conducted by LAMAC the audience share of Pay TV would be currently around 42% and would reach 50% in about 2 years.      

    Proyección de Share de Audiencia en 5 años - LAMAC  México

    “The phenomenal Pay TV growth accentuates the hyper-fragmentation of audiences. It will be increasingly more difficult to reach consumers. A media strategy based solely in the search of low CPMs will not only fail to reach the advertisers devised objectives but also will go against the required innovation to attract consumers” added McBride.  

    Numerous studies published by LAMAC have demonstrated that Pay TV as an advertising medium delivers great value as it provides a highly relevant context that allows congruent brand associations and also is capable of generating the greatest return for each dollar invested.  

    “The challenge now constitutes how advertisers and media agencies are going to be able to establish the best balance in their media plans to allow them achieve a multimedia reach. Without a doubt Pay TV is the medium that can generate better results in both effectivity and efficiency to advertisers in Mexico.” Concluded McBride.  


    1 Source: Kantar IBOPE Media, Mexico, Pay Penetration, Establishment Survey 2016-II

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