5 Insights about the Seminar: A GLOBAL VIEW ON COVID-19

Challenges and Opportunities for the Advertising Television Industry



Recent analyses around the world have revealed that TV & Video consumption is experiencing a rapid shift, evidence of the strong relationship between the medium and audiences looking for reliable information and entertainment.

Advertisers, on the other hand, are changing their on-screen messages to be more empathetic and offer helpful information to consumers.

During LAMAC's first of a series of Live Streaming seminars, a distinguished group of experts participated in an exchange of global perspectives and ideas on the impacts of COVID-19 on the TV advertising industry

We are sharing with you, 5 Insights with a focus on Latin America by Henry Martinez, LAMAC’s Chairman of the Board of Directors.


1. What are some of the changes in consumer behavior trends in the midst of COVID-19?


2. What is the role of content in today´s fragmented media landscape?


3. What is the importance of building brand value in the context of today´s environment?


4. What are the benefits to maintaining advertising continuity in Television?


5. What would you recommend to brands and agencies during this time of dramatic change?


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