Discovery to Boost its Digital Strategy from Colombia

Carolina Angarita, former Google manager in Colombia and current Country Manager for Discovery Networks in the country, spoke to local paper Portafolio about Discovery’s digital strategy for LatAm.



Named Country Manager of Discovery Networks in Colombia in February of this year, Carolina Angarita, former manager at Google in the country, spoke to Colombian newspaper Portagolio about the US group’s intentions to implement an ambitious digital strategy from the country.
“I was hired with a double challenge: first, to turn the country into a digital excellence centre for all of Latin America, so my first role is to be the digital director for the region, and the second, to be general manager for Colombia, Central America and the Caribbean, Venezuela and Ecuador,” the executive said.
In regard to the first challenge, she said she’ll be in charge of “leading the strategy, the implementation, innovation, products and new services” from Discovery Networks in all of Latin America.
So Colombia will lead the group’s digital strategy for the whole region, which changes that will start to go into effect in the upcoming months.
“With the digital role, very cool things will come in terms of innovation that no other traditional platform has and that will be launched in the next few months, although I can’t reveal much yet,” she said.
“These are issues that will change our relationship with the final consumer and the ad client, and we are also developing interesting things to work hand in hand with cable operators. All this joined with tech platforms, precisely,” she added.
Among the thing she announced, she confirmed that video, logically, will take on an important role in Discovery’s digital future in the region.
“The world of platforms is nothing without content, and Discovery being a leading producer worldwide, is moving fast in that migration. In fact, it’s standing more on that side, growing from a single platform to a multi-platform company, from being just on TV to a multiscreen offer, and a content generator,” she explained.
“When all the digital monetizations come into play, video is the one that’s taking the biggest cut. In fact in 2019, 80% of all internet traffic will be for video. So, being video producers, we’d have a major advantage and we will use all types of programming available,” she added.
In regard to investment and growth perspectives, Angarita said the investment is “big” and that they expect to “double” the Latin American operation in the first year.
“We make an inside team and we are very advanced. We know what the road is and we are putting numbers and dates on the strategy,” she concluded.

News published on July 5, 2018 in
: Todo TV News

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