Article published on February 7th, 2018 by: Señal Internacional

The president of AMC Networks International, Iberia and Latin America talks about the spread of the company in Brazil, its ranking and the group performance in 2017. 

After landing in Latin America in 2014, AMC Networks International never stopped growing, showing numbers higher than the standard of the market. Even though it stopped being a new face in the region, its performance keeps growing and it strengthens through the year with new contents and new regional operations. 


In its most recent results of audiences, reported by Kantar IBOPE Media, the Brand chart of AMC showed a pan-regional rise of 21% at prime time, between adults from 18-49 years old, in contrast to the fall of 2% in the market of Pay TV in general. All the signals of the company exhibited tune inter-annual growth in key markets of the region last year. 


 “2017 has been a year of great growth for us, the third of consecutive growth. This growth, evidenced in audience, distribution, revenues, and sales, occurs due to a strong bet we have made for the international contents aired on AMC and Sundance, the locals we produced for El Gourment and Más Chic, and the very exclusive and original contents for Films & Arts and Europa Europa. We are very much satisfied with the results we got with our channels”, said Eduardo Zulueta, president of AMC Networks International, Iberia & Latin America, during an interview with Señal Internacional.  


Even though, the integration in the territory was significantly growing, AMC still had a great challenge ahead: setting up in the populous Brazilian market, yet elusive for the company. “We finished 2017 setting an important agreement of distribution with NET in Brazil, territory where we used to have a great gap. The history of our company in Latin America has been one of great success concerning distribution and integration of our signals in the different platforms, but we had a deficit in Brazil”, admitted Zulueta. 


However, the executive stated “we solved that already, and right now we are present in the two principal platforms of Pay TV of Brazil: Sky and NET. I believe the Brazilian market will have a huge importance for our company all throughout 2018, and I know we will have satisfying results.” 


By not minimizing any Latin-American territory, the president of AMC Networks International, Iberia & Latin America explained that “traditionally, the company has a very strong presence in Argentina”. He also mentioned Mexico, “a market that during 2017 has grown notably in distribution and rating, with increases of two digits in all the signals, especially AMC and El Gourmet.” 


Lastly, Zulueta referred to the public in general and assured that “the audience behaves as usual: they will chase the best content. Then, what does change is how the content is consumed”. He concluded saying that “right now, due to the new technologies, the viewer can consume whatever he wants to, whenever he wants to, wherever he wants to, for which every company is currently adapting to this. I honestly believe that lineal signals will still have validity and thrust because it is very important to have the promotional ability that only a channel has. It is evident that there will be a wider and more competitive offer of platforms”. 

By Federico Marzullo


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