FOX LatAm to Produce Fidel Castro Series

Titled InFidel, the series has been in production for two years and will follow the story of the Cuban dictator across sixteen episodes and two seasons from the point of view of the women that knew him



FOX Networks Group Latin America is the latest to join in the trend of series based on important Latin American series with InFidel, which will be produced in collaboration with Entrelíneas Producciones.

Announced almost two years ago by the company the highly anticipated series will follow the story of the Cuban dictator across sixteen episodes and two seasons from the point of view of the women that knew him, from his sisters to his wives, daughters and lovers.

In fact, according to the media, the dictator married twice, but slept with more than 35.000 women - two a day during 40 years.

"The objective is to remove Fidel Castro's figure from his involvement with politics and approach his story [up to 1989] from the point of view of a human being, with contradictions and positive and negative aspects, all based on the relationships he had with the women around him," explained to ttvnews David Barraza, screenwriter and Head of Operations for Entrelíneas Producciones.

According to the producer, Entrelíneas already gave FOX the scripts for the entire first season and is continuing to work on the second.

"We already wrote season one and are now developing season's two mid-season. They have been arduous years of writing, but we are about to deliver both seasons," he said.

Written by Mexican writer David Barraza Ibáñez, the premium drama is expected to launch in full next year across Latin America.

"Our goal is to see both seasons next year, because the last conversation I had with FOX was to precisely shoot both seasons together. That's the reason they waited so long for us to finish writing both seasons," he explained.

Another Series with Mexico's Canal Once

In addition to the Fidel Castro bioseries, Entrelineas Producciones is working with Mexican network Canal Once on miniseries Guarda García, which will have Javier Solórzano Casarin as showrunner and main director.

"It's a series about serial killers, criminologists and forensic scientists in Mexico. It's thought of as an eight-episode miniseries and I was lucky enough to be a part of it, which was very interesting and very intense," said Barraza.

It will be written by Entrelineas and produced by Canal Once and North Films. Filming will begin in October.

News published on June 27, 2018 in: TodoTV News

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