LAMAC rebranded Latin American Media Advertising Council

To evolve with the times, LAMAC, which has been led for the past year by the veteran media executive, Henry Martínez, conducted a rebranding of its initials to Latin American Media Advertising Council.



“In this effort to reposition Lamac to support our members and change the focus of being a group that talks and centers on networks, to expanding our perspective, we conducted the rebranding of our organization to be Latin American Media Advertising Council (before it was Latin American Multichannel Advertising Council)” explained Martínez.

He added that LAMAC´s main goal is to support in the process of changes in the industry its members who represent the eight biggest media groups and comprise some 56 premium video signals in the region.

“Working with advertising agencies to make sure they have the adequate and updated information about the industry, about our members, in this world in which platforms are also changing, where before it was simply about the TV signal or the network and today it is a multiplataform concept, and where the digital world offers opportunities that company members of LAMAC are actively involved,” he comments.

Martínez announced the realization of the first Premium Video Advertising Summit next Thursday November 14 at the Watsco Center, Field House of the University of Miami.

“We decided to create a forum where these changing topics of our industry can be openly discussed and have an educational purpose, like a thought leadership. Agencies, advertisers, and our members are invited," ended Martínez.


News published on November 12, 2019 in: Produ

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