Sony Unveils Original LatAm Slate in Los Angeles

Present at the LA Screenings, the company showcased a catalog of new original series for Latin America, including El rey del valle, María Magdalena and La Guzmán; along with a slate of US titles and feature films.



Sony Pictures Television hosted its classic presentation at the LA Screenings this week, to reveal its new titles for Latin America, including original production series for the region.
The company highlighted the premiere of the first episode of María Magdalena, the biopic the company is co-producing with Dopamine.
"María Magdalena is the first Spanish-language biblical series in Latin America and we decided to tell it from the point of view of the strong women in the bible," Alex Marín, EVP of Distribution for Latin America at SPT, said to ttvnews about the anticipated series, which will have 60 episodes and star María Fernanda Yepes, Manolo Cardnoa and Andrés Parra.
"We are always interested in co-producing with people and for us, Dopamine has been a great ally for this production. They contribute both from the creative and the financial sides. It's a privilege to work with them," he added.
Alex Marín, EVP of Distribution for Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada at Sony Pictures Television
The other news in terms of original production is the comedy El rey del valle, developed for Claro Video.
"It's the first time we've delved into 13-episode series in Latin America. It's a different twist to what narco-series are, because it's approached as a parody and comedy. It tells the story of two friends who in order to get out of debt, decide to go into a business they say they know well from watching narco-series, which is drug-dealing," he said about the plot.
Last but not least, Marin spoke about the series La Guzmán, which while it's inspired in the life of Alejandra Guzmán, it won't be a regular biopic.
"It's not a biopic, it's a series inspired by the experiences Alejandra Guzmán had during her career as a musical artist. It tells many of the stories she participated in and it's really homage to someone who's one of the most emblematic personalities in Latin American rock and roll," he said.
The series already has two screens confirmed for its premiere: Imagen TV in Mexico and Telemundo in the US.
The rest of Sony's offer in Los Angeles included US series and studio films. "In film we have Venom, The Animated Spider Man and Hotel Transylvania 3, which will come out in the next six to eight months," he said.
"And as for US TV, we have Deadly Class, a series for SyFy about a group of teen murderers, as well as the spin-off for The Goldbergs, which is called Schooled, developed for ABC," he concluded.
News published on May 22, 2018 in: Todo TV News

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