TNT Announces Premiere for Selena‘s Secret

The pay-tv network is bringing the 13-epidsode BTF Media and Disney Media Distribution Latin America coproduction to viewers in Latin America during the month of September



The queen of Tex-Mex is reaching Latin America's pay-tv screens in Septembers. TNT has announced the premiere of the highly anticipated series Selena's Secret, a coproduction between BTF Media and Disney Media Distribution Latin America (Hasta que te conocí) in collaboration with Moconoco and LatinWe.

The 13-episode series is based on the book of the same name by Emmy winner María Celeste Arrarás, who recounts the events that happened on the day of Selena’s murder until the conviction of her killer.

The show shot back in April with an a-list cast that includes Ariel award winner Maya Zapata (From the Street, City of Silence) as music queen and fashion entrepreneur as Selena Quintanilla, who with her sympathy and great voice conquered the hearts of millions of people in Mexico, the United States and the world.

Zapata is joined by Damayanti Quintanar (El César) as Yolanda Saldivar, a challenging antagonist, a friend and the assassin; and Sofia Lama (Eva Luna) as the well-known journalist and author María Celeste Arrarás.

Alejandro Aimetta (El César) and Natalia Beristain (Luis Miguel) directed the series; while David Jasqui worked on the scripts with Aimetta based on Leonardo Aranguibel’s adaptation of the book.

Francisco Cordero, Leonardo Aranguibel, María Celeste Arrarás and Fernando Barbosa are executive producing the show; Mariano Carranco is producing and Alejandro Aimetta acts as showrunner.

In addition to TNT, Selena's Secret will also air on Telemundo and TV Azteca.

News published on August 3, 2018 in: Todo TV News

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