TNT Presents Season Two of A Roster for Esculapio in October

This Monday, Underground presented season two of the hit fiction series by Telefe, Turner and Cablevision, which will begin shooting this month for an October premiere across Latin America.



Telefe, Turner and Cablevisión's A Roster for Esculapio presented its second season this Monday in Buenos Aires after a successful first season produced by Underground and Boga Bogagna.

Producers Sebastián Ortega and Pablo Culell atended the event together with some of TNT's top executives and the large majority of the cast.  

According to the producers, the second season will begin shooting on May 22 for three months. A great portion of the shoot will take place in Misiones, Argentina.

Bruno Stagnaro will continue as director of this production focused on the world of cockfighting and Buenos Aires' the asphalt pirates. Actor Peter Lanzani will continue in the leading role.

Season two of A Roster for Esculapio will consist of 6 episodes that are set to premiere in October on TNT for all of Latin America.

Like season one, the new installment will later air on Argentina's broadcast TV thanks to Telefe and will also be available on streaming platform Cablevisión Flow.

Starring Luis Brandoni, Peter Lanzani and Eleonora Wexler, A Rooster for Esculapio has been praised by audiences and critics alike, which earned it numerous awards.

Among the most relevant is the award for Production of the Year in Argentina at the Tato Awards, awarded by the Argentine Chamber of Independent Television Producers (CAPIT in Spanish), where it took home 11 of the 13 statuettes for which it was nominated.

In addition, it was one of the five finalists for Best Ibero-American Series in the latest edition of the Platinum Awards.

And, with 11 nominations (among them Best unitary, integral production, director, authors, actors and actresses), A rooster for Esculapio is placed as the favorite for the upcoming edition of the upcoming Martín Fierro.

News published on May 22, 2018 in: Todo TV News

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