Viacom, Turner triumph in Argentinean TV fest

Un gallo para Esculapio, co-produced by Turner’s TNT and Underground, has won seven Martín Fierro Awards, while Viacom’s Telefe got 15 in the highly prestigious Argentinean awards.



The TV show, which has been broadcast throughout Latin America and is about to premiere its second season, was awarded with six prizes, including best fiction and best actor, and the Martín Fierro de Oro, one of the most-coveted awards for Argentina’s television.

Telefe, which aired Un gallo para Esculapio in Argentina, was awarded with seven more Martín Fierro, including best news show and best news host.

According to Turner, the show’s second season, which is still being produced, will premiere across LATAM on TNT Series and TNT in Argentina. Only after, the six-episodes season will be shown by Viacom’s free-to-air (FTA) network Telefe.

Un gallo para Esculapio, which topped viewing figures in the country in 2017, had already triumphed at Premios Tato, winning 11 awards.

In addition to Un gallo para Esculapio, Turner was also awarded for El Maestro, with Luz Cipriote winning the best actress prize, and La Fragilidad de los Cuerpos, with Eva de Dominici being awarded as best mini-series actress.

News published on June 4, 2018 in: Rapid TV News

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